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Are you completely lost when you get your new computer home, only to find everything is changed? Windows 8 puts you onto a new planet where aliens live!

Are your children hounding you to learn to use the computer? And you don’t want to!

Are you sleepless worrying about Identity Theft, Fraud, Spam, Viruses, Malware and Spyware?

Are you struggling to learn to send a photo to your kids?

Are You afraid to do your banking and buying online?

You have come to the right place!


I will come to your house (if it is near Zephyrhills Florida) and charge you $25 per hour (plus mileage if it is farther than 10 miles from my house), and sit down beside you and teach you how to use your computer. Remember the computer is only a tool and tools are meant to make our lives easier, not to feel guilty because we don’t understand them!

Do you need to know how binary code works to understand the computer? NO!

Do you need to be a programmer to use this tool? NO!

Do you need to be a math and science genius to learn to compute? NO!

Anyone can learn to use the computer. Your kids are not smarter than you are, they just aren’t afraid of it, like you are. You will have to work hard to “break” your computer, and even then it is usually pretty easy to fix it. Poke at it. (Caution: don’t poke mindlessly when on the Internet…be careful about where you go and what you click on.) But off the Internet you can go here, go there, and see what happens. That’s what the kids do. The computer won’t work any more after you poked at something?…well, don’t fret. Just turn it off. Hold the button down until the light goes out. Wait a few seconds and turn it on again. The computer may not like this, but you will usually be able to reestablish your desktop in seconds. Now, that wasn’t hard, was it?


I am an artist. I make paintings and teach people how to draw and paint. (To see my work click here). Back in the early 70s I found out that “starving” for my art was not much fun, so I got into the printing and publishing world and became a graphic artist. That paid better. At that time I learned that the newest invention, an IBM computer, could cut the production time of what I was doing by huge amounts, and so I learned to love what computers could do for me in my work. Now it is about 40 years later and I still love computers, and I still use them in my work. The Internet has expanded my knowledge of both computers and my art and I consider it an invaluable tool in my daily life for answers to everything! Once you know how to find something on the Internet you will feel this way too.


And on and on and on…….

By appointment only. 813 469-1641